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Natural Color  (Pre-Ordered) Customized Wigs

Natural Color (Pre-Ordered) Customized Wigs


Thank you for choosing to purchase one of my customized Wigs. These units are all Machine Wefted ( Made with a sewing machine). Which allows them to last longer. These wigs can last 2 plus years with great care. You can add a new frontal or closure when needed to make the wig look brand new again . I like all of my wigs to look perfect so i take my time when creating them to make sure everything is close to perfection as possible. So if your looking to get a wig for a special event PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ORDER YOUR UNIT A MONTH IN ADVANCED . IT WILL TAKE ANYWHERE FROM TWO WEEKS TO A MONTH TO RECIEVE YOUR WIG ! SO PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU ARE IN A RUSH. Please contact me and see if i have some already available. I receive a lot of orders so Please be patient and know that it is worth the wait. All wigs 12in-26’are made with 3 bundles and all wigs thats 28’ and up is made with 4 bundles. if you want to add more contact me before purchasing.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    There are no refunds!! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 469.478.7441

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